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25 November 2011 @ 11:22 am
The Tea Party will start at 12:30 till 3

If you will be arriving past 12:30 we will still allow you to join the tea party. Some of our staff will make rounds to the front desk where you will be checking in. 

You are encouraged to bring your mugs or teacups to this teaparty. Staff will bring extra mugs for your use if desired, but we are very limited, so we encourage you bring your own. 

We will also have plastic cups available as well. 

During these hours, we will close the swapmeet/vendors room. If you are vending at the swapmeet or are a sponsored vendor, you do not have to worry about your merchandise. They will remain safe so that you can fully enjoy the tea party to the max!

During the tea party we will be hosting all the following
Secret Santa

In addition we will be serving you lots of goodies which are made from scratch in the building's kitchen. We will be putting lots of effort into the food so that every morsel looks and tastes great. We will have several different food options you can choose from. 

We really hope no one will go hungry from this meetup <3
25 November 2011 @ 11:11 am
During the Tea party we will host a variety of games 

We encourage everyone to enter our Theme Contest 

Aside from the The Theme Contest, we will have a raffle with great prizes as well as a Lolita bingo with special bingo boards that were especially made for this event. 

We will also have another contest called the 5 minute Card Competition.
We will not reveal all the information with regards to this competition, but we will highly encourage to bring your coordinating skills with you!
25 November 2011 @ 11:04 am
The Warehouse
3042 Santa Anita Ave
El Monte, CA 91731

This info was taken from Amber unfortunately she is experiencing tech. difficulties so I posted the information she sent me

The name of the location is called the Warehouse because it was once used as an old warehouse, but now it has been converted and is a great place to hold our event.

Hi everyone I'm so excited for our upcoming tea party! It will be on El Monte right off the 10 Freeway,
Best part about driving to this even is that WE HAVE FREE PARKING!

For the lolitas taking public transportation there is also a metro station and the metrolink station less than a mile away!

 The great place about this location is that there is a huge dining area for the tea party and a separate area for the swapmeet.
During the tea party we will lock the swapmeet so that everyone can enjoy the actual tea party and main events without worry about their merchandise and goods.


17 November 2011 @ 02:30 pm
Want to Participate in the Secret Santa?

Here are some guidelines and instructions

Only those who submit a gift will participate in the secret santa.

Make a Gift- Please be considerate about the quality of the item. Put all your heart and good intentions into this gift. The Item can be something lolita or in relation to the theme. It can be of any sub lolita genre

Buying a Gift- Please don't buy anything cheap. It wouldn't be fair for the other person to give you an item worth 10-20 usd while you give them something that isn't worth a penny. We ask that the gift is a minimum of 10 USD. It is low but there are many goodies off brand and brand (even some swimmer/chocomint/paris kids items are of that price!) that are of that price. 

You can submit more than one gift- If you have two gifts to contribute to the secret Santa, that is fine, it means you will recieve two gifts in return.  NO MORE THAN 3 gifts are allowed to be submitted.

Include a Holiday card or Note-  Its common courtesy to leave a thoughtful card during the holidays, so we ask that you include a card or a note saying "hope you like your gift" or something. You are welcome to sign your name in the card, but it is optional. It is a Secret Santa afterall.

Please place your gift in a gift bag or wrapped in a box- Make it as appealing as possible, because the other person has the choice to pick whichever gift they want in the pile. 

Download this tag and write what subgenre your gift belongs in-  Label if your gift is more sweet, gothic, classic, etc. You are welcome to be specific  but don't give away what the gift is. This is so that when its time to pick out a gift for yourself or if someone wants to pick their gift they know what genre they are getting. (If you're into more gothic items you wouldn't want a sweet gift) 

Drop off your gift at the Front Desk- We will take care of your gift till it is time to do the secret santa. We will also ask you to fill out your name or nickname on the list. 

Secret Santa Pickup will be announced during the Light Tea- We will call your name and you will pick up whichever gift you want from the pile. If you donated 2 gifts, you will be picking out 2 gifts from the pile instead of one.